Meditation: Self-Regulation Strategy & Altered State of Consciousness: A Scientific/Personal Exploration

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Author’s comments below:

I began this book with three goals. First, I wanted to provide a book which offered the most comprehensive, up-to-date. scientific approach available to t he study of meditation. That book became the product of over three and one-half years preparation and involved reading every scientific article on meditation published in any major English language journal.

Second, based on my research. training. and experience as a clinical psychologist and behavioral scientist. I wanted the book to show t he potential health-care, medical, and therapeutic uses of meditation: both indications and contraindications. As more and more people begin to meditate in our culture , sensitive clinicians and therapists are faced with the need to know about the nature of meditation, both it s positive and adverse effects.

Although there has been a dramatic increase in the number of meditation studies, the quality remains variable: many of them are trivial, and most remain unreplicated. In addition, meditation research ha s been plagued by insubstantial theorizing, global claims, and the substitution of belief systems for grounded hypotheses . With this in mind, I hope this book can puncture some of the myths.

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