J’s (A Novel)

by Deane H. Shapiro, Jr., Ph.D.

A personal/existential journey, a love story, a life affirming message.

From a Review:

“An endlessly fascinating exploration of the human psyche, a bildungsroman of a young man’s intensely subjective first person narrative… J’s is a novel of ideas, a love story, a sharing of wisdom teachings from different spiritual and philosophical traditions.” (read more)

Nancy Freedman, Co-Author Mrs Mike and several other novels.

“This is one of the wisest, most intelligent, and most lovingly compassionate books I’ve ever read. It can be understood and experienced on so many levels, from the sensual to the philosophical and spiritual.” (read more)

Ben Freedman, Co-Author Mrs Mike and several other novels.

“Quite moving and eloquent…startlingly true insights…genuinely touched by many passages…” (read more)

Professor Walker Sokel, Stanford University

“A virtuoso performance…liked the technique of double-time entries, underlined and not.  The attempt to discover meaning in the void, Exciting and involving…” (read more)

Professor Maurice Friedman, Temple University


Table of Contents

The 1970 version of J’s Novel: