The Last Harbor


 A Novella

 Deane H. Shapiro, Jr

“Evocative and intelligent,”* this novella, written when the author was 23, takes place on a day celebrating  an older couple’s 40th anniversary. It describes the man, as he prepares to give his final lecture on the wisdom of Zen study and practice that evening; the woman as she prepares for their afternoon tea ceremony, and their time alone and apart throughout the day as they reminisce about their life, their hopes, the challenges they have and do face, and the sparks of love between them.

              * Michael Curtis, reviewing the submission for the  Atlantic Monthly,

Johanna comments:  Really well-written, cohesive novella, sometimes painful and sometimes surprisingly touching –like life!  It reads  partly like an exquisite haiku and partly like a Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf  vicious free-for-all  disturbing efforts toward   Zen-like calmness wisdom..  It portrays an elderly couple’s attempt  to bridge the gaps that have arisen between them and the real love they still share.

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