Parent/Child: Family Communication Workbook; and Couples Workbook

These are workbooks/workshops that Johanna and I created for:

Parents and Children/Families


Hope you may find them helpful.

Comment in 2023 from Johanna and Deane rereading this:

We wrote these workbooks and first gave these classes in the early 1970’s at the start of our career.  It is interesting to look at them, now, fifty years later.  We are struck by a couple of things.  One is how well they hold up as a foundational “blueprint” and incorporate some “timeless” truths in these areas

The second thing we are struck by is our Chutzpah! 🙂 When we put these together, we were in the early years (3-5) of our marriage.  And we didn’t yet have children! (One on the way 🙂 ). Still, this material did provide a good framework for us in our own relationship, and with our children when they came along. Was raising kids (now 41, 47, and 49) and living a now 53 year marriage always simple? NO!  Is our relationship with our children (and now six grandchildren) and with each other,  the great blessing in our life?  Absolutely. Very grateful.