Zen Meditation and Behavioral Self-Control Skills Applied to a Case of Generalized Anxiety

by Deane H. Shapiro, Jr., Ph.D.

Zen meditation and behavioral self-control skills applied to a case of generalized anxiety. Psychologia: An International journal of psychological sciences, 1976, 19,: 134-138.

Reprinted (in part) in William H. Cormier and L. Sherilyn Cormier, “Interviewing Strategies for Helpers: Fundamental Skills and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions,”2nd edition, Monterey, California: Brooks- Cole, 1985,pages 448-457.

Reprinted, in part, in Therapy for Adults: Anxiety, Personality, and Depressive Disorders, Eds, H L Millman; JT Huber; DR Diggins, Jossey Bass Publishers, l982

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