Whimsical flute-playing Buddha (1979)

This sketch was drawn in the middle of my written journal from 1979. In Dec, 2022, upon seeing this sketch for the first time in 43 years  I said huh!?!?  There was no commentary either before or after it in the journal. When I first showed it to Johanna, her reaction was the same “huh?”

Then as we looked at it and talked about it,

Johanna comment,(2022):  Ah, now that I “understand” the sketch, it’s quite lovely. A relaxed, chubby, contented Buddha plays his flute and thinks enlightened thoughts, while his disciple serves tea, reminding us of the transitory, precious beauty of music and the simple joys of the present moment.

D comment (2022): This has a dreamy rumination to it. Like in one type of dream interpretation, since we “dream” the dream each part can be an aspect of ourselves.   There is, someone serving (and note the musical notes doubling as he “disciple” cart, as the person playing the flute is served (the person serving “oneself”  (and in turn sends music to the one serving!; and then there is a  person inside the “head” of the person playing the flute, the person inside “his head” listening thoughtfully; Omm Namaste…(where in the heck did this drawing in my l979 journal come from!?!?)  Dream on….