The Wave

Two undulating waves


beneath the moon’s guiding hand


their trajectories destined to cross

as the swells pick up speed, foaming cresting, then

crashing into each other


colliding creates diamond like fragments

glistening as they shatter and are hurled

toward the sky


A brief pause, defying gravity,

then pulled downward , they merge…

reform  into the water  from which they came.


Then continue to roll patiently and tenderly on their journey to the beach

Only to once more say goodbye to the sand,

and be pulled back into the sea


*                *                  *

J comment The Wave ..I really like the  beautiful imagery of  disparateness  and yet unity; waves sway and are apart; then collide, glisten, shatter  to be re-connected , tenderly; then goodbye at end,  yet leaving to join what   they always were … comes across perfectly – clear separation and union; lovely