Sights and Sounds, Inner and Outer

1979 Carmel

Sights and Sounds, Inner and Outer

I meditated this evening to

the sun setting

into the ocean

My knees and buttocks nestled

into fine grained white sand

on a sloping soft beach

My hands resting on top of my lap,

my spine and neck are straight

while letting thoughts come and go

As internal chatter slows, I hear the

ocean waves as they dance and rumble,

soothing, majestic, wild

My hands leave their resting   position,

pick up my flute, and breath

plays some notes

To join in counterpoint and harmony


J comment (2022) This is lovely.  I like the title, it captures the flavor of the poem, and suggests that what you describe in the external world is mirrored in your inner world. I especially liked the idea that breath, rather than you, played the notes.  Love, J