Precision-Nirvana: Care and Maintenance of the Mind

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  • Learning to use Eastern and Western self-management skills to take charge of your own life
  • Knowing the warmth and love in yourself and others
  • Preventing 1984: Becoming aware of how you have been (and are being) conditioned
  • Feeling the poetry and beauty of nature
  • Turning from external reinforcement to internal reinforcement: choosing the kind of life you want
  • Getting on your own team: making your thoughts your servant rather than your master
  • Realizing how your beliefs and preconceptions limit and distort reality
  • Dealing effectively with stress and tension
  • Attaining increased personal freedom and dignity
  • Exploring the power of your mind: integrating ordinary awareness with altered states of consciousness
  • Achieving an integrated East-West vision of excellence: the path of heart
  • Developing a new education: toward a harmony in mind-body-spirit
  • Self-celebrating: learning the art of the cosmic chuckle

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Cover and Introduction
Table of Contents
Part 1

Chapter 1 – Meditation & the East: The Zen Master
Chapter 2 – Behavioral Self-management & the West: The Grand Conditioner

Part 2

Chapter 3 – Crisis: Freedom as Illusion
Chapter 4 – Responsibility & Evaluation: Toward a New Awareness & an Affirmation
Chapter 5 – A New Alternative: The Path of Heart
Chapter 6 – Techniques: Following the Path of Heart
Chapter 7 – Education: Having the Self-soar
Chapter 8 Epilogue
Back Cover

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This video tape, given at a “Holistic Health Conference” in 1979 is a a summary of some of the main points in Precision Nirvana regarding the need for integrating “holistic health” and precision observation: i.e., asking how many want to hear a talk on “segmented” health?  The slides are all from Precision Nirvana and can be viewed there as they are not clear on the tape. Enjoy.