One good thing sent to family, Shabbat, 12/13/13

Dear Precious Family,
On Sunday’s I talk a slow walk around Dana Point Harbor (maybe 15 minutes). So many potential “poems” pass me on this walk: it’s like humanity at its best

*two kids, one 7, Asian rounded face a little chubby; bright eyes with her brother, 4; tag you’re it; giggles, each barely moves, now tag you’re it, more giggles and then they go running around a bench;
*bird man; a guy just sitting and feeding the birds
*people walking– old ones, young ones families; birds in water; humanity at its best, just enjoying itself
–and me old, an man reflected in window, slowly walking just bathing myself in their joy interactions, a kaleidoscope of shapes, colors….very happy moment….

love love, poppers of filled with poems felt but not yet written

J comment: what a lovely image of people as poems walking by you! That’s really beautiful. All the specific images are so sweet as well, and I love your summing up: “humanity at its best, just enjoying itself”. This is great. You are indeed filled with poems, you ARE a poem. I so respect your appreciation of these wonderful moments. Love, J