by D Shapiro


Tears, fear, anger, No
control, helpless, what to do
Now…breathe, share, love, smile

J comment: there’s still no way to make any sense of it. I think you’re right, all we can do is appreciate life while we have it, but that is still not completely satisfying . This is a really touching piece – it captures the loss of control and helplessness; Like the NO protest of first line… and starts with tears, ends with smile—offers the only answer possible – what to do in the NOW—appreciate our lives and our world.
You can’t say, at 96, that your friend didn’t have a long and full life. Yet death still stings, and the best sense we can make of it is exactly what you say – celebrate the miraculousness of life, of the earth, of each other, and the moment! Thank you for such heart touching wisdom. Love, J

Poppers I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, although it sounds like he lived a long and beautiful life. The poem was lovely. Love Shauna