Nature Photos

These photos are ones I have taken over the years. As I was preparing this section (Nov, 2022) I asked our daughter, Jena Ann (Shapiro) Huston, who is an amazing photographer, if she would look at and comment. You will see her comments below on several of them.

Jena: Wow, poppers,I feel so honored that you sought out my advice. The pictures are beautiful, you also have a beautiful eye. I looked at each picture in depth, and below is my commentary on each.  Love, love you so much! Fun project! Thank you for including me. Love, Jena

Jena: Shadow of the trees behind the window shades, with the stained glass in the corner – beautiful in a haunting way. Love the stained glass how it is similar to what you are seeing outside from inside.

Jena: Sunset – beautiful, you know I am bias towards all sunsets

Jena: Green tree branch – very pretty, but very simple nature (dad note: this is a ginko tree. Ginkos are one of the oldest living trees in the world. Note the heart shape leaves. aww, love!)

Jena: Zen Garden – lush greenery, I know that garden

Jena: Aww, looks like main beach, so still and pristine

Jena: Orange Flowers – vibrant, I like how the color pops

Jena: Purple Flower – reminds me of MOMMY—her favorite color

Jena: I like the way the sun is reflecting off this branch

Jena: Plants on the deck – these are so unusual, they look like roses

Jena: Pelican – love how this was captured overlooking the water

Jena: Orange flower – beautiful, the color pops

Jena: Green plant on round table in living room – pretty I like the way the light is reflecting off of it

Jena: Sunset – beautiful, love the way the leaves are hanging down

Jena: Yellow flower – I always like a pop of color

Jena: Shadow of leaves on tatami – the shadow patter is cool

Jena: I like how the Buddha is captured from behind sitting peacefully

Jena: Shadow of leaves – I like the first one better, (Dad: Agree, but I wanted to surround Buddha with tatami on both sides;)

Jena: Deers at Ben Brown – beautiful nature with the deers and purple fields

Jena: Purple trees – again purple, got to keep for momzers ?, I also like how you captured the blossoms

Jena: Ocean waves – always a keeper with the ocean and the rocks, beautiful

Jena: Single bird in flight – So peaceful and symbolic

Jena: Yellow/orange flower – I like this one

Jena: Laguna from the deck – perfect view and with a rainbow – did you pay extra for that ?

Jena: Pink blossoms at Clarity House – beautiful, this picture feels like home, makes me smile

Jena: Yellow flowers scattered in-between the green – beautiful

Jena: Through the weeds some color – I like the symbolism

Jena: Pops of pink – I like the colors