Meditative Reflections: An Invitation and the Role of Control in Meditation

The dance of rain drops

splashing into a puddle

gentle sharings arise

A Note:

I was asked to write a book chapter for Miguel Farias; Oxford Handbook of Meditation. Since I knew this was going to be the last article I wrote on Meditation, I wanted to:

  1. Summarize my past work on meditation , especially as it relates to the role of control
  2. To share my own personal journey regarding the content and context of meditation, and
  3. To invite the reader to explore their own journey with meditation.

Because of space limitations, the “invitation to the readers” was not able to included in the book chapter. Therefore below please find first the Invitation to readers, (hope you enjoy your personal exploration!) followed by the Book Chapter “The Role of Control In Meditation.”

Read the Invitation

Read the Book Chapter “The Role of Control In Meditation”