by D. Shapiro and J. Shapiro

Goal (2013)

One day before Christmas, with the lofty, ethereal, whitish red dome of the San Juan Mission behind us, and after a breakfast of “make your own Omelet” and a chocolate chip pancake, we began our meandering walk along the historical mission district’s small Carmelesque shops.

J’s comment:

8/8 In terms of Goal, which I love, it could be considered something called factual narration, which presents facts in a story form.  I agree it’s not fiction, but it’s a fictionalized version of what was observed in that there is narrative “smoothing.” It’s like a haiku that meticulously observes a piece of water on a leaf – that is “factual,” but it is also art.  Same for Goal.  It’s not the same as The Last Harbor which is clearly fiction.   Anyway, you could call the section factual narratives, or..  Either sounds good to me! Love, love, J


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