From, In and Toward Light

by the Shapiro Family – linked verse – Deane, Johanna, Jena, Josh, Shauna – published in The Laguna Beach Anthology of Poetry & Short Fiction

Linked verse in linked family: Johanna and Deane traveled for a year in Asia, including time at the Zen Daitokuji monastery in Kyoto, and a Chan monastery in Taroko Gorge, Taiwan after they married (ah, just celebrated their 48th anniversary!). During that time, they wrote a small book of poetry, including haiku. They noted that “It was wonderful to reconnect to that part of ourselves again, and to invite our (now adult) children Shauna, Jena, Josh (all of whom grew up in Laguna, attending Top of the World, Thurston, and Laguna Beach High School) to join us. We joke linked verse and linked family in love and poetry.”

Monk in a hurry
walks right past Enlightenment
Too bad he missed it

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