by Deane H. Shapiro, Jr., Ph.D.


The story is that in 168 BC the Maccabees won an astonishing victory against the Greeks. But when they reclaimed their Temple and wanted to purify it, they discovered that there was only oil enough to keep the Ner Tamid (sacred light which is symbolic of “God” and which we humans metaphorically must try to always keep lit) burning for one more day. They sent a runner in haste to the nearest city to obtain more precious oil; but the nearest inhabited area was eight days away. So they hoped and prayed. Miraculously, the oil that could only last one day kept the light burning until the runner returned with the oil eight days later.

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Supplemental (from 2000): Chanukah Missive

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Chanukkah ChanukkahChanukkah Sabbath

Chanukkah Sabbath

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