Bali Figure Drawing



Chiseled pieces

how to now untangle,

and yet,

knowing that at heart,

I chose well, and

with you,

there was no mistake;

connected forever….

a heart, a spirit, a song

with love


NOTE the shoulders upon which our heads rest, form a heart as the foundation 🙂


Johanna (and D) comment o(2022)  : Hi sweetie, I like the sketch and the heart formed by the two shoulders is a lovely symbol of love.   D: I AGREE!:) EVEN THOUGH WE’RE FACING IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, WE’ER DEEPLY BRAIN CONNECTED:)  The poem is well-written.  I sense this as a challenging time “how do we untangle I THINK THE QUESTION WAS ASKED—-IS THIS THE RIGHT PERSON FOR ME, 12 YEARS AFTER MARRIAGE.  WAS I GOING TO BE GAUGUIN…IN THE SOUTH SEAS…..AND THE VERY ASKING OF THE QUESTION. BALI BECAME A TIME TO RE-POLISH THE MIRROR AND  SEE THE PURE, LOVELY BUDDHA NATURE OF OUR LOVE…AS YOU WROTE IN YOUR OEM AT 7: Love is entwined with all of its kind?

”… Of course there were moments where we both contemplated disentangling
from that chiseled form! SORRY, WE CAN’T…WERE’ ENTWINED AND LOVE
HOLDS US SO TIGHTLY TOGETHER  Glad we made it through as a
single sculpture. WAS THERE EVER A DOUBT?!?! LOVE LOVE I want us always entwined – my bashert. Love, J SO IT WAS SAID, SO IT WAS DONE…52 YEARS AND COUNTING.  SO MUCH LOVE 🙂