A Play in Four Acts

by Deane H. Shapiro, Jr

Swimming today, jagged rocks. The ocean palpitating like a jelly fish sway or a breast heaving in an act of love. Frightening, it makes me realize how impotent and small I am, like a speck of dust on the vast womb of the ocean’s roaring surface. Yet once my snorkel mask goes beneath, there is calm, still, quiet calm in which the austere, simple rocks which were buffeted above seem to glow in purple growth, small almost iridescent green coral, splendid blue fish swimming beneath the surface.

Johanna’s comment (2023) on “A Play in Four Acts ” (written in Japan, l970):
Really incredible, a vivid description of love-making that is at first highly sensual and then goes completely sideways. It is powerfully written, especially the “exchange” between you and the ant, your final orgasm, and your decision to write. Strong ending – portrait of the artist. Just great. The language is vivid and compelling !) A powerful piece. Love, J

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